Saturday, August 3, 2013

The Letter U - Scatterdays

I can see myself breaking my neck in a pair of these.
Perhaps if I was lot younger, didn't wear orthotics and need a hip replacement, I might try and walk in them.

 Magazine - UNITED
Another code of football. Melbourne was inundated last week with the Red and White colours.
And I thought AFL fans were crazy, you should have seen this lot of fans. MAD!!!
Apparently the fans spent over $4 million in 48 hours in our city. Great for Melbourne.

Yellow - UNDIES
Men's underwear have certainly changed over the years. Won't go into any details!!!

I went through a stage of blues and browns and found this pattern "Coffee with William Morris" by Michelle Hill, so decided to call it "ICED Coffee with William Morris".
It has been folded up in a drawer for a few years, machine button holed and will eventually get back to it.
Very proud, it is my only UFO I have.


  1. I'm impressed that you have only one unfinished project. It looks really nice.

    I'm with you on the shoes! I had a pair with heels of about 12cm when I was much younger, but I wouldn't get very far in them now.

  2. I'm with Vireya - Congrats on only having one UFO. By the time mine get to UFO status they are the more terminal version. ;-)

  3. Wow, Vireya - only one UFO? Impressive. I've only met two other quilters who finish everything!

  4. Something happened to my comment....I must have zapped it. I am very impressed by your 'No UFO' policy. The beautiful 'Iced Coffee' top is a WIP in my books. LIke you, my hips and feet groan at the height of the shoes but I do love the colours. The yellow waistband is a treat!

  5. What a beautiful UFO ...definitely worth changing it to a WIP