Friday, August 16, 2013

The Letter H - Scatterdays

 Sticky - HUNGRY
No matter how full I am when I go out for dinner, 
if Sticky Date Pudding is on the dessert menu, I can't resist it.
 Wearable - HAT
Every morning I walked for an hour+ wearing my Qantas cap.
I am so looking forward to getting back in to walking.
I always chose my walking time for when the long haul Qantas flights were coming in from London etc. and flew over the west of Melbourne via our suburb.
 Breakfast - HOMEMADE
I make our own muesli using rolled oats, fruit, seed & nut mix and bran.
I had a bit of Special K left in the box, so threw that into the mixture as well. 
My husband gets annoyed, because I pick the cashews out of the mix before I make it up.
Hiding Place - HALLELUJAH 
Spent the best part of the other morning trying to find a piece of paperwork that I was sure I had put in another place.
Finally found it hiding behind the microwave. 
Must have put it on the top, the wind blowing through the kitchen window sent it down there.


  1. Had to laugh at your hiding place. I found a couple of things I'd been looking for when I took my hiding place photo. I knew I had more tape-measures, and when I moved the machine cabinet, there was one I hadn't seen for ages!

  2. Well if my piece of paper had landed behind the microwave it would be unlikely to have been found until the microwave died and needed replacing:) good find.
    I have to agree. If sticky date pudding is on the menu then desert choice is a no brainer

  3. Love your Hallelujiah moment! I'm experiencing more of those. The sticky date looks amazing. What was the underlayer? Looks lijke it would stick to my hips instantly. I also like to make my own muesli.
    I forgot H-sticky but have now caught up.

  4. How could you use that photo of sticky date pudding!!!!I was practically salivating. It is my weakness, too. It is diabetic friendly, isn't it????

  5. Oh yeah - thanks for that! I have just spent the last 5 minutes trying to work out how to make it! Yes on top of homemade ice cream cake with maybe toffee coated baby figs? Hmmmmm....
    And Diabetic DD would definitely have a little bit!