Tuesday, August 27, 2013

The Letter E - Scatterdays

 Pantry - EGG
We usually gather 2 -3 eggs a day from our 3 girls, Nando, Lennon and Lucy.
You can only make so many quiches a week, so the neighbours often get a few eggs to put in their pantry.

I love flowering gum blossoms. At the moment our local trees are flowering in abundance with blossoms.

 Frightening - EXPERIENCE
I don't like roller coaster rides. In Disneyland we went on the Space Mountain ride in Tomorrowland. I have never been so scared. The ride takes you up an incline in the dark towards a red light and then the roller coaster is in the dark. It was the most frightening experience I have ever had on a ride. Never again.

Exciting - E-TICKET
Counting down the weeks till we head off on our holiday. All is booked, paid for and organised. 
I am looking forward to the 4 days in Dubai on the way home. Especially the Souk markets.
Have been told about the textile and fabric souk.


  1. I agree - Space Mountain was the most frightening thing I've been on!

  2. Having never been on a 'ride', you have reinforced the reason why I never have! Great light display colours, though! MMMMM! That is one of my favourite aromas in life......etickets

  3. You have some lucky neighbours! I love eucalyptus flowers, too. Too bad we don't get many of them here. I do have a gum tree growing in the backyard - it must flower when we're not here!!

  4. Snap on the eucalypt blossom - I almost photographed the same variety!
    No Space rides for me when I was at the NASA Space Centre in Huntsville - turbulence on the flight over was quite Enough!!!!