Tuesday, August 27, 2013

The Letter E - Scatterdays

 Pantry - EGG
We usually gather 2 -3 eggs a day from our 3 girls, Nando, Lennon and Lucy.
You can only make so many quiches a week, so the neighbours often get a few eggs to put in their pantry.

I love flowering gum blossoms. At the moment our local trees are flowering in abundance with blossoms.

 Frightening - EXPERIENCE
I don't like roller coaster rides. In Disneyland we went on the Space Mountain ride in Tomorrowland. I have never been so scared. The ride takes you up an incline in the dark towards a red light and then the roller coaster is in the dark. It was the most frightening experience I have ever had on a ride. Never again.

Exciting - E-TICKET
Counting down the weeks till we head off on our holiday. All is booked, paid for and organised. 
I am looking forward to the 4 days in Dubai on the way home. Especially the Souk markets.
Have been told about the textile and fabric souk.

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Nth Melbourne versus Hawthorn game.

"Pre-Match warm up"
 Many thanks to my friend and her son for getting us tickets to the North Melbourne and Hawthorn game yesterday.  North lost to the Hawks, much to John's delight.
I don't know who yelled more, Emma or John, but I had to sit between to the 2 of them, stopping the egging on to each other. We sat next to some great guys who joined in the joking and yelling.
 Our tickets included entry into North's change rooms. We were a little late and entered as the players were in their pre-match meeting, but Emma and I got to see them as they walked out for pre- warm up.
 Lunch was lovely with Helen Kapalos (Channel 7) as guest speaker.
John was ribbed for wearing his Hawthorn scarf and colours!!!
I was interviewed for my comments on The Executive Club and was asked who was my favourite player.
I said "Brent Harvey of course". 
The players walked through here to warm up on the ground.
It was a fantastic day despite our loss.

Friday, August 16, 2013

The Letter H - Scatterdays

 Sticky - HUNGRY
No matter how full I am when I go out for dinner, 
if Sticky Date Pudding is on the dessert menu, I can't resist it.
 Wearable - HAT
Every morning I walked for an hour+ wearing my Qantas cap.
I am so looking forward to getting back in to walking.
I always chose my walking time for when the long haul Qantas flights were coming in from London etc. and flew over the west of Melbourne via our suburb.
 Breakfast - HOMEMADE
I make our own muesli using rolled oats, fruit, seed & nut mix and bran.
I had a bit of Special K left in the box, so threw that into the mixture as well. 
My husband gets annoyed, because I pick the cashews out of the mix before I make it up.
Hiding Place - HALLELUJAH 
Spent the best part of the other morning trying to find a piece of paperwork that I was sure I had put in another place.
Finally found it hiding behind the microwave. 
Must have put it on the top, the wind blowing through the kitchen window sent it down there.

Sunday, August 11, 2013

V and A Quilt Exhibition, Brisbane

 Friday, I flew to Brisbane for the day to see the exhibition that was brought out by the Victoria and Albert Museum in London. Unfortunately photos were not allowed to be taken.
The Rajah Quilt was on display as were many quilts dating from the 1700's and upwards.
Another quilt on display was the Girl Guide Quilt from Changi Prison in Singapore.
 The thing that amazed me, in that era, it didn't matter what colour was put in the quilt, it all worked. Today, the "quilt police" would say, that colour does not go with that colour.
Another thing was that the fabric kept their colours so well, very little to no fading at all.
Perhaps the fact that all were made out of pure silk, linen and cotton with no polyester, might have been the reason.
 I met my friends, Sue and DD Fiona, Jenni O and her relative, Linda and the group of us had a wonderful day at the Queensland Gallery of Modern Art..
 This dinosaur graced the water courtyard.
 After the exhibition a group of us walked along the edge of the Brisbane River. The weather was 25 degrees and the sun was shining. Not like Melbourne when I left in the morning, cold, wet and windy.
 My cousin Vicki, who is also a quilter and lives in Brisbane, also came along for the day. It was great to catch up. Vicki's  Father and my Mum, were brother and sister.

Off to the side was an exhibition by the late Ruth Stoneley. Vicki had done a class with her.
As I was viewing her quilts, I caught up with 4 of the girls from Melbourne who had been on the tour of Paducah that I went on last year. So it was a day of catching up.

Saturday, August 3, 2013

The Letter U - Scatterdays

I can see myself breaking my neck in a pair of these.
Perhaps if I was lot younger, didn't wear orthotics and need a hip replacement, I might try and walk in them.

 Magazine - UNITED
Another code of football. Melbourne was inundated last week with the Red and White colours.
And I thought AFL fans were crazy, you should have seen this lot of fans. MAD!!!
Apparently the fans spent over $4 million in 48 hours in our city. Great for Melbourne.

Yellow - UNDIES
Men's underwear have certainly changed over the years. Won't go into any details!!!

I went through a stage of blues and browns and found this pattern "Coffee with William Morris" by Michelle Hill, so decided to call it "ICED Coffee with William Morris".
It has been folded up in a drawer for a few years, machine button holed and will eventually get back to it.
Very proud, it is my only UFO I have.