Saturday, July 6, 2013

The Letter N - Scatterdays

 Ocean - NEMO
"Finding Nemo" is one of my favourite movies. Looking forward to "Nemo 2".
I was sad in Hong Kong, the Goldfish Market, one of the shops had a tiny tank of approx 500 "Nemo" clownfish. I asked it they were caught, told they were hand bred and I wish they could be out there in the ocean playing among the anemones. The man wouldn't let me take a photo.

 Celebration - NINETY
I miss my dear Mum, she would have been ninety this year. My Aunt and Mum's school friend wore her Wedding dress. Many years a go, Mum cut up her dress, dyed the lace and re-made a dress. The style of the coffee coloured dress is now back in fashion. Funny how fashion does a turn around.
I can't imagine how it would feel to be that age of 90. In the next 30 years before I reach 90, I wonder how technology and the world will have changed.

 Notion from Sewing Room - NEEDLE CASE
I bought this little needlecase from the New York City Quilt shop on one of our holidays there. I have lots of packets of needles. I was advised to change my hand sewing needle every week that I am sewing. But forget and then wonder why the needle is so bent and blunt.

I haven't had a cold in the past 2 winters, but sure enough, caught one over the last couple of weeks.
The chemist gave me this nasal spray as an alternative to medication, it actually worked.
You go to the Dr's these days and they don't give you antibiotics like they used to.
I am sure people these days don't use tissues or hankies, they all seem to sniff and it drives me crazy.


  1. I agree it is interesting how fashions return as time progresses and isn't that a beautiful photo of your mum.
    I checked out the NYCity Quilt shop also when last there and purchased ny Doris notions, but none that I could think of that started with N when I went would have thought everyone could remember needles at least:)

  2. That is a beautiful wedding photo!

    The needle case is very sweet, but not as cute as Nemo.

  3. Smashing set of Nnnnnns! DH has gone shopping this morning and will buy me 'Becanase'...thanks for the tip. Nemo is my favourite animation...can't wait for Nemo2. Your mother's photo is superb... a true beauty in a wonderful gown. The needle case has me fascinated....a tube? Is there anything special inside to prevent blunting or rusting? Thanks for bringing up the fact of poor ENT a retired chalky, I am much healthier for being away from a germ filled environment. Your post about Hong Kong was also very interesting. I would like to see the basketball court and the temple a compact juxtaposition of healthy mind and body.

  4. Poor Nemo - I feel that the movie may have made them more popular as pets. Great post.
    Cheers Wendy