Friday, July 26, 2013

Quilt and Craft Show

 A small selection of the quilts displayed at Jeff's Shed yesterday.

 Unfortunately, didn't get a photo of the Best of Show which also won many awards. A stunning quilt and well deserved.
I always enjoy these shows, mainly for the time spent catching up with others, not for the shopping. When you have been quilting for so long, what else is there to buy.. 
I bought myself a pair of bamboo knitting needles for the poppies I am knitting. Apparently these can be taken on planes, so my very long flight from Melbourne, Dubai, London (5 hr layover in airport) to Edinburgh in one go, can be used up knitting
I took advantage of the Early Bird parking and walked over to DFO South Wharf to buy a 2nd pair of Ecco shoes. Was given bright blue shoe laces to match the soles. Best shoes I have worn for comfort and my orthotics. Sorry now I didn't buy the 2nd pair in Hong Kong with 30% off.


  1. Love the new shoes Jenni. But where is the blue laces???

  2. wow there are some beautiful quilts there.. and the shoes are tops too, although I think the blue laces would look better :) It is easy to be game on someone else's feet:)