Saturday, June 22, 2013

The Letter B - Scatterdays

This is my daughter's favourite perfume.
I was told the way to keep your perfume fresh, is to place it in the fridge.

 Library - BOOK
My all time favourite book is The Secret Garden.
I bought myself the good copy for my 45th birthday many years ago and my friend gave me 
The Secret Garden Notebook.
Times have changed, we now have e-readers and Kindles, but I still love the feel of the pages in a book when you first open it up. I often used to go to the library to sit and read but not so much now with the Kindle.
When I was a little girl, after going to the dentist, if I behaved, I was allowed to buy a brand new exercise book. I used to love to open the cover and feel the first page, all crisp and new.

Equipment - BROOM
We have ceramic tiles in our kitchen and they always need a sweep a couple of times a day. 
They catch dust and fluff all the time.
My friend rang me one day, my Dh answered the phone and said "Jenni's earning Frequent Flyer Points on her broom". I am obsessive about sweeping those damn tiles.

I love reading all blogs.
I listened to a man being interviewed on the Today show, about he was starting a blog where he took a photo every day of the year. I decided to do the same. Some days, they are not so interesting as I have been home, but I went back over the blog and it was interesting to see where I had been this year.


  1. You do get around a lot on your photo blog, but I laughed at your frequent flyer broom points!

  2. Don't think I own a broom - only a yard broom for outside. Like you, I love books, but I'm not quite ready to go the "e-book route" yet.

  3. The Secret Garden is also one of my favourite books. I'm yet to go down the digital path.

  4. Ahhh frequent flyer points what a giggle! I just downloaded Secret Garden to my Tablet to read on my trip - I have seen the movie as a kid but don't think I have ever read the book. Cheers

  5. Great post. Your inclusion of Bulgari and broom in the same blog is great. i feel the same about reading and touching the pages. will have to have a look at your 365 days.

  6. I haven't bought perfume for years, maybe treat myself.
    Love your Frequent Flyer what are the rewards ... maybe a neighbours floors ... you can come do mine if you like.
    The Secret Garden I love too.
    FB I cant handle but blogs I love. What a good idea about a photo a day. Might try that although some may be a bit boring at the moment.

  7. I have to vouch for the fridge storage of perfume. I have never been a wearer of perfume and so when my son gave me a bottle one year I figured the fridge would be the place to keep it. Five years later it is still there. I use it very seldom.
    Love the idea of photographing something everyday but I know I would run out of oomph. I have at present at least ten photos to upload to my other blog but just haven't had time to edit and upload them.
    I suppose I could take a large number of photos, upload and schedule them ahead of time..have tried that with other things but life gets in the way