Monday, June 10, 2013

Thank you

Many thanks for all your good wishes re my hip.
I am booked in for the New Year after we return from our holiday in November.
Is it possible to say that I am looking forward to it!!!
Thank you again.


  1. great new hip. Thanks for nice comments.... we sassenachs say the best road in England is the Road North plus the best thing out of Scotland is Whiskey. But you gotta love the Scots in particular my one.:)

  2. When I woke after surgery the hellish pain of 7 years was over.
    It was wonderful. So you can indeed look forward to it.
    All the best. I have forearms crutches if you would like to borrow.
    A plastic bubble to go on the toilet seat and raise it is also a wonderful investment. I keep mine on the ensuite toilet. You need some high chairs to sit easily.