Saturday, June 22, 2013

The Letter B - Scatterdays

This is my daughter's favourite perfume.
I was told the way to keep your perfume fresh, is to place it in the fridge.

 Library - BOOK
My all time favourite book is The Secret Garden.
I bought myself the good copy for my 45th birthday many years ago and my friend gave me 
The Secret Garden Notebook.
Times have changed, we now have e-readers and Kindles, but I still love the feel of the pages in a book when you first open it up. I often used to go to the library to sit and read but not so much now with the Kindle.
When I was a little girl, after going to the dentist, if I behaved, I was allowed to buy a brand new exercise book. I used to love to open the cover and feel the first page, all crisp and new.

Equipment - BROOM
We have ceramic tiles in our kitchen and they always need a sweep a couple of times a day. 
They catch dust and fluff all the time.
My friend rang me one day, my Dh answered the phone and said "Jenni's earning Frequent Flyer Points on her broom". I am obsessive about sweeping those damn tiles.

I love reading all blogs.
I listened to a man being interviewed on the Today show, about he was starting a blog where he took a photo every day of the year. I decided to do the same. Some days, they are not so interesting as I have been home, but I went back over the blog and it was interesting to see where I had been this year.

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Sunbury Inaugural Quilt In

 Had a great day yesterday at the first Quilt In for Sunbury Stitchers and Quilters.
Joy, Jenni O, Bernice, Joan, Ali, Lee-Allan and Sandy made up our table.
Several of us won prizes and raffles. Great varieties of soup for lunch and wonderful slices etc for devouring.
 Guest speaker was Julie Adamson who gave us a humorous talk on her journey in quilting.
 Julie, hand quilts, with the stabbing method and has the tiniest stitches I have ever seen.

3 of Julie's wonderful quilts.

Friday, June 14, 2013

Quilt and Craft Show, Sydney

 This stunning quilt won Best of Show in 6 categories.

 Above and below - A small sample of the different quilts on display.
Each and every one of them deserved an award, they were amazing and so different.

 These 3 were part of the Challenge, FREE!

2012 HSC Work at the Quilt Show

 There are some very clever students out there with their amazing designs.

Timeline Display

 Along one wall, there was a Timeline Display celebrating 20 Years of the Quilt and Craft Show.
I was thrilled to see a page of the 2005 catalogue on display with the Citizenship square I made for the quilt.
They used my Gum and Olive Tree.

Monday, June 10, 2013

Port Fairy

 Drove to Warrnambool for the day on Sunday.
As Emma is still unable to drive with her leg in a cast, we dropped her off to visit a friend and her new 8 week old baby daughter, Sophie Emma.
 Then drove to Port Fairy for a walk along the beach after visiting the Lighthouse.

The sun was out but the breeze was cool.
Stopped at Rebecca's Cafe for a huge bowl of Chicken and Sweet Corn Soup with crusty bread.

Thank you

Many thanks for all your good wishes re my hip.
I am booked in for the New Year after we return from our holiday in November.
Is it possible to say that I am looking forward to it!!!
Thank you again.

Friday, June 7, 2013

The Letter X - Scatterdays

(I have to post a day early as it is the long weekend and I won't be at the computer.)
 Hidden - X-RAYS
For the life of me, I couldn't find the latest films to take to the specialist.
Sat up in bed one morning, there they were, tucked in between the 2 chest of drawers.
My specialist has finally admitted to me, after 3 years of terrible hip pain that it needs replacing.
Will have it done after our holiday.

 Famous- XANADU
Olivia Newton John was in the movie and every time I think of her, I think of John Travolta.
Unfortunately he wasn't part of it. 

"Drought tolerant, plants that store water in their leaves, stems or roots."
We have a house near us, their whole front garden is planted with these plants.
The garden is very well laid out, but the man who owns it, is always watering them, footpath and his driveway.
Hasn't he heard, we still need to save our precious water.

Crosses in a quilt
I made a Dear Hannah quilt, all hand pieced and hand quilted.
Dear Hannah is like Dear Jane, but it is a row smaller each way and every alternate block is appliqued. 
I used Civil War and Reproduction fabrics.