Saturday, May 11, 2013

Saturday in the Gardens

 Our girls love to scratch, so John turned over their dirt this morning 
and they went crazy looking for worms.
 We let the girls out to have a roam around our garden each afternoon.
BAD DECISION, my poor plants!!!
They have destroyed the violets in this bed with their scratching and digging,
so we decided to remove 5 very old roses and the violets, kept the Iris'.
We are going to plant 2 miniature fruit trees

 We went for a walk through the Botanical Gardens this afternoon after placing some flowers
 on my Mum in their church Memorial Garden where her and Dad are together.
 Saw several Weddings and it was lovely to see so many children enjoying the outdoors.
Came home so we can watch the footy on the TV, Hawthorn game. 
Not sure where they are playing but the MCG was in sight with Olympic Park in the foreground.

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