Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Aus_NZartquilters Swap

Our internet group had a 20" swap and I received this amazing quilt by Anne D from Canberra.
It is called "I love Autumn".
This stunning piece of work is a printed photo with free falling leaves and a silver spiders web and a silver spider on the tree trunk.
How did Anne know, when she was chosen to send me her piece that I adore the season of Autumn. 
I will treasure this art quilt.
Thank you Anne.


  1. How realistic is your friend's work! I had to look at the close up to see if the bark were real or fabric. It's a wonderful piece. Looking forward to tomorrow so I must collate my scatterings. P

  2. Lucky you, Jenni, What a fabulous creative piece of work. Well done, Ann D!