Wednesday, April 24, 2013

The Letter L - Scatterdays

It was by pure chance that I saw this purple shack at Campbells Cove, Point Cook.
We went for a drive to have a look at the new marina being built at Werribee South, and as we drove around the bend, this shack appeared.
There are many old and small fishing shacks along the edge of the bay, this one looked out of place.

 Sky - skyLINE
I never tire of sitting on the edge of the bay at Williamstown overlooking the skyline of Melbourne.
A great place for seeing the fireworks on New Years Eve.
I am originally from Sydney and you can't compare the two cities, but Melbourne is home for me.
It is exciting to travel overseas but it is always great to come home.

 City - LONDON
My parents sent me to London when I was 20 to "learn life".
I fell in love with the city of London and it took 38 years to return for a visit.
The plane landed at Heathrow, I was a little emotional, I felt like I had never left the place.
We walked around the city without a map, I knew exactly where I was heading and didn't get lost.

Lap quilt - CORSAIR
I made this lap quilt in 1995 for my husband.
He until recently scuba dived and I called it Corsair, which was the name of the dive club boat.
Black fabric - he loves night diving
Green, light blue and mauve marine fabric - this is the colour of the water at times out on the bay
Quilting - rope on borders to represent the shot line they use to go do to the bottom.
and  shells in the centre blocks.
I recently washed it and was surprised it didn't fall apart.


  1. Love the colour of that beach shack, even though it looks a little lost.

    I've never been to London, maybe one day...

    The Corsair quilt is very striking! I love the colours with the black.

  2. Lovely story about your quilt, it must be very precious to your hubby.
    Several of us have chosen London - the greatest city in the world, I think. With New York coming in second! And I've been to both, so I'm very lucky indeed.

  3. Love the shack! And the quilt you made for John.

  4. umm did you learn life in London? I came to Aus for a new life. when I returned for a visit to England after 28 years I too found I knew my way around.
    Lovely photos.

  5. Purple hut: right on cue! What a moment and great photo! Your quilt is beautiful and reminds me of the first time I saw the colours of the Gt Barrier Reef
    BTW The tonal triangles quilt at the AQC this year is by NSW Quilters Guild Exhibition Secretary, Deborah Laurie. She won an award at last year's show for it.

  6. What wonderful parents to send you to London to learn life. I watched other friends go off in those years and responsibilities did not allow me to go..but it all works out whatever the path as long as we walk it well. Love the picture of the bridge. Have a close friend going over in September. Love the beach box...maybe it is a little is not a conventional area. I must take a drive down soon..
    The Bridge is my photo was actually Westgate....we were just behind Edihad stadium. It was after that 70th party going back to the car that I fell and a month later am still recovering but all will be well eventually. The photos were almost worth it.