Sunday, April 7, 2013

Perth, W.A.

 A spur of the moment decision on the weekend, was to fly to Perth for a few days break. 
The weather was warm with no humidity.
Overlooking Perth from Kings Park
 This beautiful Australian Cedar tree sheltering the War Memorial, Kings Park.
 Overlooking Swan River
 We did a full day, 13 hour tour of the Margaret River area.
Cape Leeuwin Lighthouse, where the Indian and Southern Oceans meet.
The weather became overcast, a relief from the heat of Perth.
 Fremantle Prison. John did a walking tour while I sat in the shade with a coffee.
The prison is no longer in use. 
We caught the ferry from Perth up the Swan River and came back by train.
The transport company of W.A. have free CAT buses that take you around the area, it was a great way to see Fremantle
 Bussleton Pier, which has been rebuilt. At the end is an aquarium, 
but we didn't have time to walk the distance to see it.
 Watershed Vineyard, where we sampled beautiful wines.
Kangaroos were grazing amongst the vines.
We spent some time at the Art Gallery, 
where an exhibition of photography of New York, was showing.


  1. Nice! I've only been to Perth twice, for business trips each time, so haven't seen much more than the basics. It's nice to get some glimpses of other parts of the city.

  2. What a terrific little holiday, almost the same as my husband and I did when the SCQ Retreat was over a few years ago. Shame you didn't have time to walk to the end of the Busselton Jetty as the Aquarium is superb - novel being open ocean not tanks but loads of marine life. We could have stayed for hours!