Wednesday, February 13, 2013

The Letter T - Scatterdays

Tasty - TIM TAMS
My 2 favourite Tim Tams are Coffee and Caramel.
I can't remember the last time I had a Tim Tam. Once you open the packet, you can't stop at one.
Perhaps it is time to buy a packet....or 2.

It is hard to imagine what a life size T-rex would look like.
A human would probably be the size of an ant in proportion to him.

Terrifying - TANK
My husband scuba dived every weekend for 20+ years off Queenscliffe in Victoria.
This is my one and only time I tried it. I was so terrified that I would run out of air, I spent the whole time checking my gauges.
From then on, if I wasn't helping crew the dive club boat, I would be sitting on the pier quilting....20+ years of quilting!!!!
I would much rather jump out of a plane.

I bought this reel of Rainbows Quilting thread from Superior threads last year, when I went to Paducah.
The lady showed me that whatever background fabric I used, a different colour of the rainbow would be highlighted in the thread. I am yet to use it.
I have made a Batik Jelly Roll quilt in autumn tones, so it should go nicely with it.


  1. Laughed at your tiny T-rex! I also would be terrified of the tank, but then I can't see myself parachuting, either.

    Great to see that Cinzia's linky worked, it should make things a lot easier.

  2. Great Jenni - I had in mind Tim Tams as well, but went with Toffee Apples an absolute fab from my youth. Love your Rex and diving shot. I've just posted mine and put a link on Cinzia's.

  3. Nice lot of Ts, love your coloured thread!

  4. You'll have to visit Bathurst Fossil Musseum where there is a T.Rex skeleton life size! I didn't think of Tim Tams and considering they are my son and DIL I should have!

  5. Don't think I could go diving or jump out of a plane. Love your T's

  6. Tim Tams just what my son asked would we plz send him for his birthday. They reach an age where as they say they have money to buy what they want but some things are just not available locally..well not in Norway anyway.

  7. Great T's. I find they now packet Tim Tams individually. Great for encloslosing in packages overseas.
    Very brave to go diving.

  8. Thanks for showing the lovely thread. Wow! What an adventurous streak you have! Have another go and take some photos.

  9. Like you I seldom eat a Tim Tam but always have some in the fridge for visitors.....have you ever drunk brandy, whisky...poison of choice by sucking it up through the Tim Tam. works well and takes some of the sweetness out which suits me.....LOL
    love Tiny and threads and you are brave diving in gear. I snorkeled on the great barrier reef years ago.....great experience.
    Well done with the T's

  10. Great ideas here. Thanks for sharing.

  11. Good pics! Love the little T-Rex. And oh, but I too would be terrified scuba-diving - or sky-diving - either one! Thanks for visiting my blog and commenting. I wanted to reply to you but sadly, you're still a no-reply commenter.