Wednesday, February 27, 2013


I have finished the last appliqued border of Longbourne, the class I took with Katrina Hadjimichael at the 2012 AQC.
All that is left, is another little pink border and a 5 1/2" border of fabric on the edge.
A good excuse to go and buy some fabric as the print I bought at Hancocks in Paducah last year, doesn't really sit well with the quilt.
My measurements weren't too good, so I had to applique another leaf in the corner of the final border.
I have loved doing this quilt. Many thanks to Katrina for all her expertise on applique.
A brilliant teacher.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013


After the heavy rain this morning, I went for a stroll along the Werribee River.
We are very lucky to have this beautiful river meandering close by to our house.
The air was fresh and crisp after all the warm days we have had this past week.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

The Letter T - Scatterdays

Tasty - TIM TAMS
My 2 favourite Tim Tams are Coffee and Caramel.
I can't remember the last time I had a Tim Tam. Once you open the packet, you can't stop at one.
Perhaps it is time to buy a packet....or 2.

It is hard to imagine what a life size T-rex would look like.
A human would probably be the size of an ant in proportion to him.

Terrifying - TANK
My husband scuba dived every weekend for 20+ years off Queenscliffe in Victoria.
This is my one and only time I tried it. I was so terrified that I would run out of air, I spent the whole time checking my gauges.
From then on, if I wasn't helping crew the dive club boat, I would be sitting on the pier quilting....20+ years of quilting!!!!
I would much rather jump out of a plane.

I bought this reel of Rainbows Quilting thread from Superior threads last year, when I went to Paducah.
The lady showed me that whatever background fabric I used, a different colour of the rainbow would be highlighted in the thread. I am yet to use it.
I have made a Batik Jelly Roll quilt in autumn tones, so it should go nicely with it.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Red Hill

For Christmas, Emma gave us a voucher for lunch at "Green Olive at Red Hill"
Overlooking the vegetable garden and vineyard.
Lunch was tapas style, all was made and cooked out of their own garden.
Loved this ball of wire.
Drove home via the Australian Garden at Cranbourne.
The last time I visited, only half the garden had been made.
Free entry, closes at 5pm.
This colour blue stood out amongst the green of the plants.

Friday, February 8, 2013

Fabric Frolic Prize

The Fabric Frolic was on last week. It was my first time attending it, where you go and visit 7 Quilt Shops within the Melbourne area.
At the end of it, you enter you name etc and there are prizes to be won. I was very lucky and won a prize from Amitie Textiles. I collected it today after the Dear Jane visit.

Dear Jane Quilt Exhibition

 I attended the Dear Jane Quilt Exhibition this morning at Box Hill Town Hall.
Apart from the usual traditional Dear Jane's in Civil War and Reproduction fabrics, the variety was astounding.
60 quilts were on display as well as other Heritage ones.
An excellent exhibition to go to, on this weekend, 10am - 4pm $7 admission.

African Fabrics
 Bali Batik
 Purples, Yellows and Aquas
 Blue and Yellow
Red, White and Blue

Monday, February 4, 2013


Thank you to everyone who has commented on my Scatterday interpretations.
Yesterday my husband and I went for a drive, it is amazing what you see that can be used for the next letter. Things he thought of that, I would never have.
I am loving reading all your blogs and enjoying this challenge.

Postcard for Jane in Vermont

"Australian Rainforest"
I had this postcard in my collection that I made for a swap that didn't go ahead.
Will post it off to Jane this morning.

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Send a Postcard

A fellow quilter on my ATC internet group, sent us this link from Jane Davies from Vermont. USA.

Jane has a small post office and is asking for others to send her postcards through the mail.
Have a read of her story. It is fascinating that the US Mail is closing down Post Offices of certain sizes.
I am going to make one tomorrow to send it off to her.

Friday, February 1, 2013

The Letter Q - Scatterdays

I am a volunteer at the Victorian State Rose Garden at Werribee Mansion.
Currently we are in the process of dead heading the spent blooms of several thousand roses.
I work on the weeping standard roses.

Quilting comes 2nd to my passion for Qantas 747 400 Series Jumbos.
My Father worked for TAA and I grew up loving  planes.
My husband often takes me to the end of the runway to sit and watch them take off and land.
He says I am the only person he knows who gets emotional when I see one flying overhead.

 Something Healthy - QUINCE PASTE
With cheese on crackers and a good glass of wine, beats any take away.

Quick to Quilt - POSTCARDS AND ATC'S
I have several hundred of both in my collection.
Give me 15 minutes and I can get one of them made for the monthly swap.