Friday, January 18, 2013

The letter R - Scatterdays

 Mammal - RHINO
Werribee Open Range Zoo.
For my birthday, one year, my family gave me an overnight tent stay at the zoo. Amazing!!

 Transport - RED FERRARI
My brother told me when I was a little girl, that if you paint your car RED, it goes faster.
I would love to do a few laps at the F1 Grand Prix in one of these.

 Technology - RESISTORS
Technology and Electronics go hand in hand, you can't have one without the other.
Our daughter is an Electronic Biomedical Engineer, I laughed when she told me she googled "how to boil an egg".

Red from my sewing room - RED THREAD
I don't use red very often, it is not my colour.


  1. Love the Rhino also. Great photos Jenni. Mine are ready to post - will publish tomorrow before I leave for Guild.

  2. Enjoyed your photos - and even I know that red makes a car go faster, especially one of those fancy ones!
    Like you, I don't often work in red, prefer burgundy hues myself.

  3. How to boil an egg..hmmm She appears to have paid as much attention as I do when recipes are talked about. Great selection of red threads

  4. Love the red thread and the Rhino, great pics.

  5. Loved the story about your daughter.

  6. Your zoo sleepover sounds fantastic. The sounds must have had your mind ticking all night, which I hope was starry!

  7. Excellent photos, particularly that one of the rhinocerous. I could never top that R photo for a mammal! It's nice to see all your red threads, which look really pretty together... even if it isn't your color.

  8. The trouble with being late to read is that I agree with all the above. Well done. Looking forward to Q

  9. Love your R's not looking forward to Q's however!!

  10. P.S. You were so sweet to comment on my Scatterdays post, but I'm unable to reply to you. Did you know you're a "no reply commenter"? You can change your profile settings, if you wish, so we can reply to comments you make on our blogs.