Sunday, January 6, 2013

Scatterdays - Wine

I had an email re the Grange Wine I put on for " Scatterdays", about how expensive and lucky that my husband had 2 bottles.
I bought one bottle as a gift for him, 7 years ago and he bought the other as an investment. 
His comment was " the amount of fabric etc that I had bought over the last 30 years of my quilting hobby, would have bought many bottles of Grange".
So..... I guess I shouldn't complain about how much we paid for his 2 precious bottles.
Fingers crossed that IF he decides to open one of them, it doesn't taste like vinegar!!!!


  1. Yes, but you have a quilt in the end. What is left after your drink the wine - an empty bottle!

    1. Many quilts and knowing me, would probably not remember the wine after one glass!
      Many thanks Joy for helping me sort out the 'no-reply', it has worked.