Monday, January 14, 2013

It's Time to Let Go.

I have decided to take this pile of quilts to the Salvos this morning.
They are challenge pieces, small ones, wall-hangings, faded lap quilts and not looked at in the last 10 years after being stored at the bottom of a cabinet.
Dating from 1978 - 1996.
I considered 2 of them for the Tasmania Donations, but I would rather make some new fresh quilts instead.


  1. How very brave of you Jenni. I would have to see if anyone I knew would want them before taking to the Salvos etc.

  2. Joy, I am culling a lot of things in the house, having a good clean up. Getting a new wall unit built in the family room. Opened up one of the cupboards in the old one and realised that I hadbn't used anything in it for at least 15 years.