Saturday, December 15, 2012

Christmas Tradition

Christmas was a time for family traditions as a child. I remember going to midnight church with Mum, Dad and my brother, then coming home to be allowed to open one present before heading to bed. Mum always put the chocolates, lollies and nuts on the table on Christmas morning. I remember, I used to pick the cashews out of the bowl and then was always sick Boxing Day from eating too many nuts.
We have kept up traditions.
The Woolworths bag of Santa Mix is a must on the table Christmas morning.
Every year the 3 of us, John, Emma and myself have bought one new decoration for the tree. Our tree has many decorations that have been bought internationally on holidays. Wonderful holiday memories.
Christmas Eve is spent with a bottle of champagne watching Carols by Candlelight (Melbourne). My favourite carol is "Oh Come All ye Faithful".
Emma was born 21st December and the tree was never put up until the 22nd, so we could celeberate her birthday first. My Mum placed a handmade stocking on her humidicrib and it was filled with knitted bootees, bibs, rattle and a soft toy. The stocking is always put on the hall door each Christmas and even though she turns 30 next week, Emma will not go to the tree until the door is open.
The Sunday before Christmas, we always go into the city to look at the Myer Window Display and the city filled with decorations.
Boxing Day is my day for a jigsaw puzzle and heaven help anyone who spoke or interrupted me doing that puzzle.
Christmas here is a time to be together, and this year is a special year, Emma is in remission. I miss Mum and Dad, but know they are watching over us.


  1. Lovely jacaranda at the top of the page! Thought of you earlier today when I walked past s couple of beautiful ones.

    Thanks for sharing your Christmas traditions. It's great that you have so many and have kept them up.

  2. Beautiful photo at the top and of course the one on the left!!!
    Thank you for sharing your Christmas traditions. ps Not sure what will happen here, I'm trying something to see if a photo comes up or not.

  3. Aha, it worked!. Now will go back and see if the original one comes back.