Monday, December 31, 2012

The Chook Palace

It's slowly getting there. The gate was made yeserday.
First part of the roof went on this morning.
At least it is one way to use up spare space behind the garage and old bricks.
I wonder how many chooks have a paved patio area.!!!

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Artichoke colours for 50cm swap

Pottered around in my sewing room yesterday and selected fabrics that I hope will go with the artichoke.
Thinking of doing a square within a square and printing the photos onto fabric, inserting them between the squares. 
Machine embroidery and organza overlay shapes of the leaves etc.
But knowing me, no doubt I will probably change my mind and do something else.

Thursday, December 27, 2012


 We have never planted artichokes before, so thought we should give it a go. Not sure when they were supposed to be harvested, but this one was looking a little beyond it'd due date.
 Picked them, put 2 in a vase and was surprised at the artichoke opening up.
This one is a little slower than the top one, will be interested to see how it looks in a week or so.
I have a 50cm art quilt challenge to make, due in March and also the Winter School in July.
I was thinking of doing doors/gates/entrances for the school class but these artichokes have fascinated me.
Perhaps I should look in the vegetable garden for inspiration.

Monday, December 24, 2012

Seasons Greetings

To all my quilting friends,
wishing you and your families a Merry Christmas.
I hope 2013 is a year of happiness, excitement and especially good health.
Many thanks for reading my blog and please take care over the silly season.
I look forward to next year.


 As our daughter is still unable to drive with a cast on her leg, we dropped her into Hamer Hall for a concert with Human Nature and the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra. The Babushka shop in the Royal Arcade was all dressed for Christmas.
 Royal Arcade through to Myers. Wanted to have a look at the Myer windows but the waiting line was past David Jones and back around.
 A beautiful night in Melbourne from St Kilda Road.
 After dinner we sat on the lawn outside the NGV and watched the walkers and the world go by.
The new Hamer Hall looking it's best at sunset.

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Scatterdays Challenge

On our Scquilter's internet group, a challenge has been set by Cinzia, called Scatterdays.
Every Saturday, a letter of the alphabet and 4 different categories will be listed.
Scatterers will have 1 week to photograph one thing relating to each and then upload it to their blog.
The following Saturday, surfers cruise around to check what others have uploaded.
Due to Christmas, the first week has been extended to 5 January.
I have put up the website to the right of my blog where you can view the other blogs and their photos.
The 4 categories for this week are: expensive, musical, exciting and W.I.P. (which is to be quilt related)
Keep and eye out for the letter!!!

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Kris Kringle came to me....

Our Melbourne CBD group celebrated Christmas with a lovely lunch and get-together. Lots of chatter and laughter on a day of 35 C. We ate in a nursery with plants on one side and the large gift shop on the other and  I couldn't resist buying a dark blue Hydrangea. 
 Kris Kringle (Jeanette) gave me this beautiful hand made pin cushion made out of wool with stunning embroidery. To receive it, I must have been "nice" and not "naughty". Thank you Jeanette.

Monday, December 17, 2012

The things people notice...

Dear Daughter noticed the star on the tree in my photo. Not happy, as it is always another tradition that she and her father put the star on together. As a little girl he used to lift her up to place it, when she got older and too heavy to lift, they placed it together hand in hand. I have a photo of every year they have put it on. I put it on and forgot to take it off.
I suppose one never really grows up when it comes to Christmas!!!!

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Christmas Tradition

Christmas was a time for family traditions as a child. I remember going to midnight church with Mum, Dad and my brother, then coming home to be allowed to open one present before heading to bed. Mum always put the chocolates, lollies and nuts on the table on Christmas morning. I remember, I used to pick the cashews out of the bowl and then was always sick Boxing Day from eating too many nuts.
We have kept up traditions.
The Woolworths bag of Santa Mix is a must on the table Christmas morning.
Every year the 3 of us, John, Emma and myself have bought one new decoration for the tree. Our tree has many decorations that have been bought internationally on holidays. Wonderful holiday memories.
Christmas Eve is spent with a bottle of champagne watching Carols by Candlelight (Melbourne). My favourite carol is "Oh Come All ye Faithful".
Emma was born 21st December and the tree was never put up until the 22nd, so we could celeberate her birthday first. My Mum placed a handmade stocking on her humidicrib and it was filled with knitted bootees, bibs, rattle and a soft toy. The stocking is always put on the hall door each Christmas and even though she turns 30 next week, Emma will not go to the tree until the door is open.
The Sunday before Christmas, we always go into the city to look at the Myer Window Display and the city filled with decorations.
Boxing Day is my day for a jigsaw puzzle and heaven help anyone who spoke or interrupted me doing that puzzle.
Christmas here is a time to be together, and this year is a special year, Emma is in remission. I miss Mum and Dad, but know they are watching over us.