Monday, October 15, 2012


 Yesterday was spent getting the vegie beds ready for planting. Melbourne Cup Day is the designated day for the planting of tomatoes. The onions haven't bulbed as well as last year. Broccoli and spinach doing well, but how much can you eat each night without turning green.
 This year the snow peas have excelled. Can't give enough of them away. A few years ago we visited the ABC Garden at Hobart Botanical Gardens. They were growing Ginger Mint. Found some at my nursery and it has appeared in the pot again. I thought we had lost it.
 My roses are doing beautifully. Yellow seem to be the first to bud and open. The olive tree is bursting with olive buds. Last year it was covered with olives,  John mentioned we must pick them the next day. We woke up the next morning and the tree was stripped bare. We don't have possums and as the area under the tree was clean, we wondered if the "animal was a 2 legged species".

 Last week I picked 3 bunches of different variety roses and the smell as you entered the house was overwhelming.

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