Friday, August 24, 2012

The Elephants have come to Town.

We currently have many statues of Elephants around Melbourne to celebrate the birthday of Mali, our baby elephant at the Melbourne Zoo. Spotted these 4 yesterday and so far they are my favourites. They have been painted by artists, but due to the heavens about to open up, I didn't get time to take note of them.
Five minutes later, the hail and rain came and I made a dash for the Station.


  1. They're such fun! I love that the whole community of Melbourne are celebrating Mali's Birthday. In the Xhosa (one of the main languages in South Africa) dialect of the region in which I grew up Mali means money. Appropriate because no doubt Mali's bringing in the cash for Melbourne Zoo.

  2. I am hoping to go and see them. What a shame they won't be permanent. Bit, then they are a great fundraiser for the Zoo when they are sold.