Saturday, July 14, 2012


 What I enjoyed most about Paducah, was the size of the town. It reminded me of (for those in Melbourne) Kyenton or Castlemaine. The local shops were decorated with quilts, antiques and nic nacs.
 This shop window won the First Place prize for Best decorated window. Some of them were very cleverly done. An activity of the festival was to walk the town and collect a stamp from many of the retailers for a prize. it was a great way to see Paducah.
 Outside the Quilt Museum were these statues. As you can see, we had lovely weather.
 Carol Bryer Fallots studio and residence. I could have spent hours in there admiring her fantastic work.
 The Quilt Museum. The quilts were magnificent. From traditional to modern to art quilts.
 One of the side streets in Paducah. All paved with beautiful little terrace styled buildings.
 One thing we noticed throughout our trip, were all the rocking chairs within Kentucky and Tennessee. Even
the Nashville Airport had an area for these chairs for sitting on.
The old Market now an Art Gallery in the main street of Paducah. Wonderful exhibition of modern and textile crafts.

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  1. Welcome back to blogging Jenni. I miss seeing your lovely photos. These are fantastic. I love the look of Paducah.