Tuesday, May 8, 2012

On my way to Paducah.

 Sue and I flew in to LA for 3 days before meeting up with 2 other friends, Jenny and Sophia. We spent a day and a night at Disneyland. I never tire of this wonderful magical place. A lot of screaming and laughing on the rides, especially Splash Mountain. I have to say that was the highlight. I think it will be imbedded in Sue's memory forever.
 My all time favorite ride, The Teacups. You are never too old to enjoy the Teacups. Anaheim was beautiful weather wise.
The afternoon we arrived at Anaheim, Sue had found the local bus details and we spent an hour on it, riding to Piecemakers. The store was all decked out with Christmas themes. The cafe provided a small buffet lunch, where we tried the Lime Jello with Cottage Cheese. Not too bad!!! Their 2013 calendars and diaries were released the day before, so picked up a few of them for gifts.
The day before we left, we took a LA sightseeing tour, visiting all the tourist things. Couldn't wait to get off Venice Beach, can't say it has improved over the years. Met up with Jenny and Sophia at the airport and flew to Nashville.

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