Friday, May 11, 2012


 Our first visit to Hanccocks in Paducah was amazing. We walked in and thought "so this is it". It was a very warm day yet the tin shed was surprisingly cool. Comfortable shoes were the order of the day with the concrete floors. There were also many gentlemen navigating the trolleys to help their wives. I spoke to one of them, and he said he enjoys coming to Hancocks. He loves to see his wife happy, and this makes him happy.
There were rows upon rows of bolts. I was surprised to find that what is available on line is in a different section to the warehouse. What is in this section may not be available in the main area.
The lighting was excellent. One end of the shed is a wall covered in patterns. It was a matter of "where do I start". I tried to find Christmas fabric, but it is not available until July. Yet the catalogue shows 6 pages of it. There were rows and rows of Batiks. It took a second visit there to actually see what they had. Once a bolt was sold, it was not replaced. Orders are not filled until after the Paducah Festival.
Loved the little supermarket trolleys. At the opposite end of the shed, you walk through a section of the upholstery fabrics and accessories to an area where there are boxes laid out on trestles with the ends of the bolts. Ladies measure up what you pick up and it is priced according to the final length. I picked up 4 pieces of Border fabric. Behind these ladies are hundreds of bolts all cellophane packaged, these are the website fabrics. The facing wall area are kits, but didn't get the chance to look through them.
Hancocks was a mere 10 minute walk from our hotel. Dodging the cars on the main road was a challenge, but we made it across. Our first visit was with the tour and then Jenny and I decided we just needed to return for another shop. It helped to go there with a project in mind and knowing exactly what is needed to buy and the amount. I could have gone beserk with buying, but was pleased I got everything on my list.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

On my way to Paducah.

 Sue and I flew in to LA for 3 days before meeting up with 2 other friends, Jenny and Sophia. We spent a day and a night at Disneyland. I never tire of this wonderful magical place. A lot of screaming and laughing on the rides, especially Splash Mountain. I have to say that was the highlight. I think it will be imbedded in Sue's memory forever.
 My all time favorite ride, The Teacups. You are never too old to enjoy the Teacups. Anaheim was beautiful weather wise.
The afternoon we arrived at Anaheim, Sue had found the local bus details and we spent an hour on it, riding to Piecemakers. The store was all decked out with Christmas themes. The cafe provided a small buffet lunch, where we tried the Lime Jello with Cottage Cheese. Not too bad!!! Their 2013 calendars and diaries were released the day before, so picked up a few of them for gifts.
The day before we left, we took a LA sightseeing tour, visiting all the tourist things. Couldn't wait to get off Venice Beach, can't say it has improved over the years. Met up with Jenny and Sophia at the airport and flew to Nashville.