Thursday, February 16, 2012

Bali Pop

Still unable to post photos on my blog. DD told me I have to load a program on the lap top, she will do it for me next week.
Finished sewing together today a quilt made with the packet of Bali Pop strips I bought in New Zealand in Autumn tones. I bought a packet of neutral creams and whites on my last visit to Houston.
I will buy the backing fabric on my trip to Paducah. We have several hours visiting Hancocks. From what I have heard they supply shopping trolleys. Can see the 4 of us racing up and down the isles. Show and tell that night will be interesting.


  1. I can't decide if I'll go crazy there and not worry about how I'll get the fabric home or be restrained thinking about weight etc. Guess it depends on what they have and be memory its before the show and all the merchants.

  2. Jenny, hope you take your running shoes!!! Don't forget we have the week in New York after to buy more fabric. The countdown is on, was thinking also of whether to post home or carry the fabric as hand luggage. See you in LA in 10 weeks.