Monday, February 20, 2012

Paris Fabric

I have started to collect the above fabrics to go with the fat quarters I bought in Paris

I bought these in the shop below and sorry I didn't buy more. But it's not until later that you think, "why didn't I".
The colours do not show up in the photos unfortunately.
Browns, apple greens, soft aquas and soft lime greens. 100% cotton 45x55cm

I found this shop at the base of Sacre Coure in Monmartre.

depuis 1879
2,4,6 Rue Livingstone
75018 Paris

The Things You See on Holiday

I didn't take any hand sewing with me on our holiday in Europe. I noticed this sign in Venice as we wandered from the hotel on the Grand Canal through the alley ways and back lanes. So quilting was not far from my mind. Unfortunately I didn't get to ask our tour guide what it meant.

This mosaic of the station name was in the underground in Berlin.
In London we stayed on Bayswater Road. We went for a walk to Nottinghill (I love that movie) to have a look at Portabello Road. Saw this clothing shop on a corner. Each of the windows were collections of old sewing machines. Even the interior walls were shelves of sewing machines.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Bali Pop

Still unable to post photos on my blog. DD told me I have to load a program on the lap top, she will do it for me next week.
Finished sewing together today a quilt made with the packet of Bali Pop strips I bought in New Zealand in Autumn tones. I bought a packet of neutral creams and whites on my last visit to Houston.
I will buy the backing fabric on my trip to Paducah. We have several hours visiting Hancocks. From what I have heard they supply shopping trolleys. Can see the 4 of us racing up and down the isles. Show and tell that night will be interesting.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Wish me luck......

.....using my little lap top. My main computer has bitten the dust and done a hissy fit. You just have to breathe on this lap top and it will send, delete or discard. I am still trying to work out how to load photos that can be put on my blog!!!!

I am also trying to get back into some sort of quilting for myself. After doing Emma's star quilt, it has given me the gumption to do something else.

*I have an ATC to make with the theme of dragons. Have thought about the Chinese kind.
*I have collected some more fabric to go with the fat quarters I bought in Paris. Better Homes and Gardens this month has patterns for quick simple quilts. I like one of them, so will make it for our bed. A nice change to the one that is 8 years old on it at the moment.
*Have organised the Civil War fabric ready for the 2 day AQC class I am doing. Bought the backing fabric for the main centre square last week.
*All the bits and pieces are booked and paid for our trip to Paducah in April. Just have to fix up the girls for our tours in New York

I somehow forgot the Summer Vic Quilters Gathering yesterday. Hope the Autumn one is not while I am away. Joy, if you ever need a lift, meet me at my place and I will drive.

Had a lovely walk and a cuppa at Queenscliffe this afternoon, nice change of scenery and fresh sea air. to try and add some photos....

Saturday, February 4, 2012

I have finished our Daughter's quilt. To my wonderful quilting friends who made the star blocks, our thanks go out to you. Emma loves it, and it brightens up the room she shares. So many people have stopped by her bed to admire it and it has brought smiles to lots of peoples faces.