Friday, November 18, 2011

Vienna and Budapest

We had 3 nights in Vienna, not the best of weather, overcast and chilly. I watched this lady doing her oil painting of the roses in the Volksgarten. It was interesting how the gardeners prepare the rose beds for snow in winter by mounding up the soil around the trunks and dipping the pruned stems in red wax for protection.
Johann Strauss amongst the Impatiens in Stadtpark. This garden bed was the only one we saw within the city of Vienna that had flowers. With the clouded sky and buildings a dull grey stone, the atmosphere was quite depressing.
We took the fast train to Budapest for the day. Not long enough to really enjoy the city, but a change of scenery. The first of many Scenic Tourist Boats that start here on the Duna River and head to Amsterdam.
I loved the coloured tile roof of the Nagycsarnok Market. While John was wandering around the ground floor of food stalls, I used my time amongst the craft and souvenir stalls up stairs.
What better to warm up than warm Apple Strudel and a hot Latte at the Spanish Horses Cafe. Vienna was different to what I remembered 30 years ago. We rode the circle tram and did a night cruise on the Donaukanal before flying to Berlin.

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