Thursday, November 24, 2011

Paris by night

The last night of our stay in Paris we went on a tour of Night Illuminations along the Seine and then to dinner beside the Arch de Triumph. This Ferris Wheel was beside the Eiffel Tower.
On the hour for 5 minutes the Eiffel Tower is lit by thousands of sparkling twinkling fairy lights.
One night we stopped for dinner at a seafood restaurant and noticed this fountain across the street.
Moulin Rouge, enjoyed the night show. John sat beside a young boy of about 10, who was mesmerized by the dancers- I wonder why!!!! After a while the young boy dozed off.
Arch de Triumph on a very wet night.


  1. Well done with the night pix - thought of you as have just bought a copy of the UK Digital SLR magazine which is an after dark special. I subscribe to this one, and think it is excellent.

  2. Amazing photos Jenni. We missed Paris at night due to it being NYE and going for dinner.