Thursday, November 24, 2011

Paris by day.

Notre Dame
River Seine
I found this Quilt shop at Montmartre around the corner from Sacre Coeur. I bought some fat 1/4's for a quilt. It was a lovely shop and could have spent a lot more money in there. The wool that was being sold was beautiful, it wasn't till after we left Paris that I thought, why didn't I buy any?
We arrived at the Eiffel Tower approx and the ques were so long. It would have been at least a 2 hour wait to go up there. So we decided not to. Walked along the Seine instead and enjoyed the views from the river.
After visiting Notre Dame we walked to find the Quilt shop nearby. Didn't find it, we realised after we were one street out. Came across this bridge covered in padlocks. I didn't have one but found a safety pin in my bag to attach. Perhaps I could have started a new trend!!!

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