Wednesday, November 23, 2011


We bought a 1st class 4 country, 10 day Eurail pass, which gave us the freedom to explore. Would recommend it to all. Majority of the trains we traveled on very high speed, 230kph but still smooth enough to take photos of the scenery. This one was a double decker with extremely comfortable seating. A rail employer comes along with a trolley selling beverages, food etc.
We caught the train to Interlarken from Zurich, approx 2 1/2 hours. The Alps were amazing and the air crisp and clean. I saw this little hut and I thought of one of my favourite movies, Shirley Temple in Heidi.
Picture postcard homes along the Interlaken river. The town is at the end of a massive lake, with the water the colour of aqua.
In the centre of the town was the communal Japanese Garden, not what I expected for an Alpine Village, the Japanese Maples were lovely.
We caught the village train up to the top of the Alps. The peak in the distance is called "the Top of Europe". John spent time there 2 years ago and told me there is an Ice cave carved into the side of it. I loved Switzerland and would love to return there one day. The next day we caught the train to Paris.

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  1. I'm thoroughly enjoying your diary notes of your fabulous trip Jenni.