Saturday, November 26, 2011

Hong Kong's hidden gem......

This was our third visit to Hong Kong. I googled to see what else we hadn't done on our previous visits.
Up came the Chi Lin Nunnery and Gardens in Kowloon. The night we flew home, checked out of the hotel early and caught the train, approx a 30 minute ride. As you walk out of the train station, exit C2 at Diamond Hill station, it is across the road. You walk under a very noisy freeway and through a very busy shopping plaza.
The gardens were beautiful, peaceful and soft Buddhist chantings are heard on the overhead speakers.
Japanese coy swim in the lake, waterlilies adorn the surfaces of the Nunnery ponds, the trees are shaped as topiary and the overall silence surrounds you.
It is very deceiving as we thought it was a tiny garden, but around every corner there was something else to see like the Japanese Garden and Bridge. Walking up the steps above the Japanese Garden brings you to the large Nunnery where there are 7 gigantic Buddhas, Altars and prayer sessions can be taken.
The front entrance. As we walked out of the gardens, it was then we noticed the noise of the traffic. You don't hear it within the Nunnery or garden. We were pleased we went there, if you ever go to Hong Kong, it is a must.


  1. Looks wonderful! Will definitely put it on the list if I ever get the chance to visit Hong Kong.