Friday, November 25, 2011


We caught the high speed train to Dijon, capital of the Provence of Burgundy, for the day. Arriving at the station, out first thoughts were, not exactly the place we envisioned. Walked to the Tourist Info Centre and were told to walk the 2hr Walking Trail. WOW!!! what a beautiful village. Many alleyways, old buildings and churches.
The Symbol of the Walking Track are these little brass plates with owls on them. It was great following them and all of a sudden, come around a corner to the the most amazing sight.The Notre Dame Cathedral in Dijon, has a stone owl, and to bring you back to the city, you must rub the statue.
Typical French architecture and stone work. Cobbled streets, cafes and of course many a shop selling Dijon Mustard's.
The high speed trains we travelled on. It took approx. 2 1/2 hours from Paris to Dijon. We decided to catch the slow regional train back, approx 3 3/4 hours as it went on a different track and we saw different scenery. People watching at train stations is interesting.
We enjoyed the train trips. You only have to be there approx 45 minutes prior to departure, you have your seat already allocated and all train stations are in the heart of each city.
A shop in Dijon, apart from the traditional mustard's they also sold many gingerbread in all shapes and sizes. John bought a gingerbread mustard and a blueberry mustard.


  1. The owl is very cute!

    So did you rub the owl statue at the cathedral?

  2. No Vireya, didn't know about it until we were on the train coming back and read about it.