Saturday, July 23, 2011

My Friday....

I decided to head in to the city and catch the tram to GJ's Discount Fabrics in Brunswick. I didn't find the fabric I was looking for, a white background for my next project, the Christmas Baltimore pattern that I bought at Houston.
I was being picked up by John and sat for about an hour waiting for him. It was interesting to watch all the workers pass by, the colour of fashion, or should I say lack of, was intriguing. Black, black and ....your guessed it, more black. Perhaps a nice bright scarf might have lifted their moods. I don't know how some of the women could work in 6 inch heels and platforms.
One thing I did notice was, the majority of those female workers wearing trousers, had them tucked into high boots. This seems to be the winter fashion.
The sun was shining and a hot latte made it a pleasant wait. I looked up from my bench and noticed these 2 old buildings. Not sure what era they are from, they were a interesting contrast against the modern skyscrapers.
Last night I sewed another square. A friend bought me home this little tissue foundation pieced pattern from her trip 2 years ago to USA. I have package it up, using Civil War scraps, to take away with me. We have several train trips and a few of them are late afternoon. I have been told it gets dark around 4pm in Europe, so will do a little hand-sewing to pass the time. One of the train trips is from Zurich to Paris through something like 23 tunnels. Don't know what it will be like, I drive under a bridge and duck my head. Not looking forward to it.

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