Thursday, July 28, 2011

Melbourne Quilt and Craft Show

A very exciting day at the Craft Show. I am a member of the Art Play Group of my Geelong Patchworkers Guild and our group quilt won First Prize for the Group Section. We were asked to make a 12 inch quilt with the theme of Circles. All of our pieces were joined together to make the quilt with steel rings.
I have never been on the other side of winning before, so it was a great feeling. My contribution is the 1st quilt 2nd row down.
It was a lovely day, I spent 3 hours on the Vic Quilters table selling raffle tickets, then after watching the announcements of the winning quilts, a quick bite to eat with Pam and Jean, a coffee, catch up with Sue and Joan, then spent 1 1/2 hours doing a Silk Screen Printing workshop with Louise Snook. Fabulous time even though I ended up with more paint on me than the piece I was doing. We printed a tea towel, which is still at Jeff's Shed overnight drying. Will pick it up when I go again sometime over the weekend. Still haven't gone through the stalls as yet.
The standard of quilts on display were excellent. I was so excited, my friend Sophia won 1st prize for being a first time entrant. Look out for her beautiful Dutch Tiles in Blue and White.
Congratulations also to Esther Aliu. and Anette Packard on their wonderful quilts.

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  1. Congratulations!

    I think I'll be at the show tomorrow - I'll look out for your quilt.