Thursday, July 28, 2011

Melbourne Quilt and Craft Show

A very exciting day at the Craft Show. I am a member of the Art Play Group of my Geelong Patchworkers Guild and our group quilt won First Prize for the Group Section. We were asked to make a 12 inch quilt with the theme of Circles. All of our pieces were joined together to make the quilt with steel rings.
I have never been on the other side of winning before, so it was a great feeling. My contribution is the 1st quilt 2nd row down.
It was a lovely day, I spent 3 hours on the Vic Quilters table selling raffle tickets, then after watching the announcements of the winning quilts, a quick bite to eat with Pam and Jean, a coffee, catch up with Sue and Joan, then spent 1 1/2 hours doing a Silk Screen Printing workshop with Louise Snook. Fabulous time even though I ended up with more paint on me than the piece I was doing. We printed a tea towel, which is still at Jeff's Shed overnight drying. Will pick it up when I go again sometime over the weekend. Still haven't gone through the stalls as yet.
The standard of quilts on display were excellent. I was so excited, my friend Sophia won 1st prize for being a first time entrant. Look out for her beautiful Dutch Tiles in Blue and White.
Congratulations also to Esther Aliu. and Anette Packard on their wonderful quilts.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

My Friday....

I decided to head in to the city and catch the tram to GJ's Discount Fabrics in Brunswick. I didn't find the fabric I was looking for, a white background for my next project, the Christmas Baltimore pattern that I bought at Houston.
I was being picked up by John and sat for about an hour waiting for him. It was interesting to watch all the workers pass by, the colour of fashion, or should I say lack of, was intriguing. Black, black and ....your guessed it, more black. Perhaps a nice bright scarf might have lifted their moods. I don't know how some of the women could work in 6 inch heels and platforms.
One thing I did notice was, the majority of those female workers wearing trousers, had them tucked into high boots. This seems to be the winter fashion.
The sun was shining and a hot latte made it a pleasant wait. I looked up from my bench and noticed these 2 old buildings. Not sure what era they are from, they were a interesting contrast against the modern skyscrapers.
Last night I sewed another square. A friend bought me home this little tissue foundation pieced pattern from her trip 2 years ago to USA. I have package it up, using Civil War scraps, to take away with me. We have several train trips and a few of them are late afternoon. I have been told it gets dark around 4pm in Europe, so will do a little hand-sewing to pass the time. One of the train trips is from Zurich to Paris through something like 23 tunnels. Don't know what it will be like, I drive under a bridge and duck my head. Not looking forward to it.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Time Zones

I am currently working out a trip to Paducah, USA next year with friends.
Los Angelos 9.30pm Tuesday
Nashville 11.30pm Tuesday
New York 12.30am Wednesday
Melbourne 2.30pm Wednesday
I hope I don't have to have a row of watches up my arm!!!!

Saturday, July 16, 2011


Still trying to work out the settings of my camera. Perhaps I need to do a class. It was a lovely evening for a stroll along the promenade foreshore of Docklands. I liked this photo until I noticed that it looked like a creature that I am terrified of- snake.
Friday night at 7pm, Docklands has a fireworks display.
Definitely needed the walk after dinner at the Quay Buffet Restaurant. Beautiful Asian buffet with desserts to die for. Seafood in abundance. Mind you, I still always seem to end the evening with the usual, Bread and Butter Pudding with chocolate ice cream.
"Practice makes Perfect" as the saying goes, will keeping on trying.
Thank goodness for digital cameras, the erase button has become a friend.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

FELTernative Exhibition

Works by the Victorian Feltmakers Inc
Exhibition Wednesday 3 August to Saturday 27 August
Hawthorn Town Hall Gallery
358 Burwood Road, Hawthorn Vic 3122
FELTernative aims to change people's perceptions of contemporary felt, as well as raise public awareness as an artistic medium.

Friday, July 1, 2011

Ararat Regional Art Gallery

Today, my friend Sophia and I drove to Ararat Regional Art Gallery to visit the amazing exhibition of Annemeike Mein. The last time I saw her work was over 20 years ago. I was again stunned by the beauty and work of Annameike. Her sample work is just as beautiful as her finished pieces. Butterflies, barnacles, spiders and other species of nature are works of art.
The exhibition finishes on Sunday 3 July and well worth the drive up there.
Ararat is well known for it vanilla slices. Couldn't help buying a couple.