Saturday, June 25, 2011


Last night we met our DD in the city for night time practice shots. We have booked a night "Illuminations" tour in Paris. I am an Auto and Shoot person with my camera, too scared to change settings, so I was determined to get out of that habit and start using the TV and AV modes. Our daughter has won awards at her camera club, so who better to ask for lesson, than Emma. It was a beautiful night in Melbourne, no breeze but a little cloudy. It was surprising to see the difference between our shots as we both have the same Canon camera.
My tripod has disappeared, so mine are a little wobbly and out of focus. The guilty look on her face revealed that it is sitting in her spare room at her home. Forgot that DD had permanently "borrowed" my tripod. Apparently a new one has been bought for my birthday to take away on our trip.

Federation Square is hosting the Festival of Lights, finishing next weekend, so it made a great excuse to go in and see it.

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  1. Well done Jenny - it is well worth learning manual settings on your camera, much more control and better results. Try this link for a really good site full of heaps of helpful info.