Monday, June 27, 2011

Mill Rose

Called into Mill Rose Cottage and Quilt Shop in Ballan yesterday for afternoon tea. DH asked for a piece of the Carrot and Walnut cake, huge slice. I had lovely warm scones with homemade blackberry jam. The vanilla slices were to die for. Everything is homemade. It is 50 minutes up the road from us and I have been meaning to visit for some time. This beautiful cottage was renovated into the restaurant and cafe.
Along the main street is a house that apparently used to be a cafe. There are mosaics in the garden, front gate entrance and this fence. It was fascinating looking at all the little pieces of crockery and nic nacs that had been used.
I loved this mosaic tree.
The Quilt shop is fantastic. So light and airy. The sewing room is large with sun streaming into it. The perfect place for workshops and GTG's. Thursday is sewing day and it is tempting to attend one. There are wonderful fabrics, patterns and bits and pieces. The bolts of fabric are housed against the white painted walls and shelving, this makes the colours stand out. There were fabrics that I had not seen before. Well worth the visit.


  1. Sounds a great place. I should call in on my way to Ballarat in August

  2. Great photos of your latest outings Jenni. Love reading what you have been up to. Sophia