Monday, June 27, 2011

Mill Rose

Called into Mill Rose Cottage and Quilt Shop in Ballan yesterday for afternoon tea. DH asked for a piece of the Carrot and Walnut cake, huge slice. I had lovely warm scones with homemade blackberry jam. The vanilla slices were to die for. Everything is homemade. It is 50 minutes up the road from us and I have been meaning to visit for some time. This beautiful cottage was renovated into the restaurant and cafe.
Along the main street is a house that apparently used to be a cafe. There are mosaics in the garden, front gate entrance and this fence. It was fascinating looking at all the little pieces of crockery and nic nacs that had been used.
I loved this mosaic tree.
The Quilt shop is fantastic. So light and airy. The sewing room is large with sun streaming into it. The perfect place for workshops and GTG's. Thursday is sewing day and it is tempting to attend one. There are wonderful fabrics, patterns and bits and pieces. The bolts of fabric are housed against the white painted walls and shelving, this makes the colours stand out. There were fabrics that I had not seen before. Well worth the visit.

Saturday, June 25, 2011


Last night we met our DD in the city for night time practice shots. We have booked a night "Illuminations" tour in Paris. I am an Auto and Shoot person with my camera, too scared to change settings, so I was determined to get out of that habit and start using the TV and AV modes. Our daughter has won awards at her camera club, so who better to ask for lesson, than Emma. It was a beautiful night in Melbourne, no breeze but a little cloudy. It was surprising to see the difference between our shots as we both have the same Canon camera.
My tripod has disappeared, so mine are a little wobbly and out of focus. The guilty look on her face revealed that it is sitting in her spare room at her home. Forgot that DD had permanently "borrowed" my tripod. Apparently a new one has been bought for my birthday to take away on our trip.

Federation Square is hosting the Festival of Lights, finishing next weekend, so it made a great excuse to go in and see it.

Friday, June 24, 2011


I spent an hour this afternoon making my pennant for the Quilts4London Project.

The project involves the making of 14,000 bunting pennants for the 2012 London Olympics. Each athlete will be given a pennant as a souvenir of the Games.

I chose a small piece of Koori fabric as the background.
Whilst making it I thought of my dear Dad who passed away last year. He told me when I was a child why the Kangaroo and the Emu were the symbols on our Australian Coat of Arms. Both of these animals have spurs on the back of their feet and cannot hop or walk backwards. He said "therefore Australia will always move forward". It is something I have always remembered.

Quilt Bricks

DH has decided to clear the space behind the garage for Chooks!!! Something he has always wanted. Spent the last hour moving more bricks out of the way. Beautiful sunshine, so it is nice to be outside. I suppose you could say I am doing a quilting block, laid the bricks in a type of Rail Fence Post pattern. Would rather be doing my other quilting. Time for a break and a cuppa.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011


I have finished my 3rd piece for the Aus-NZartquilt Challenge "Country Outside Australia".

I chose Hong Kong, using 2 pieces of fabric that I bought over there in 2009. The blue piece of fabric at the bottom is from a Kimono and the gold is a piece of Josh paper.
So far I have made Bordeaux, France and Cairo, Egypt. We have 6, 12 inch pieces to make and my 4th is due at the end of August. I am looking forward to returning to Kowloon at the end of the year. I will be on the lookout for some more oriental fabric.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Weekend at Lorne

We drove to Lorne Friday afternoon for the weekend. Lovely weather, a few drizzly showers but the majority of the time clear. Walked the Lorne beach each morning before breakfast to watch the sun come up. Drove to Port Campbell via the 12 Apostles, or I should say 7, as that is all that is left standing.

Walked through the rain forest to Triple Falls via several hundred steps. I found that I had leg muscles that I didn't know existed. The forest was beautiful with amazing tree ferns and undergrowth of minature ferns. The birds were singing, but it was still very quiet.

Throughout the walk, tiny little fungi, were growing amongst the ferns and on the steps. Didn't see any fairies though. We had dinner both nights at the local pub with a roaring fire to sit by and a few glasses of red. The Lamb shanks were fabulous.

It was lovely to get away, even though DH decided to take his laptop with work, which I was pleased, didn't get logged on. We stayed at the Mantra Erskine, in a lovely heritage room. I still am not too fussed with the Great Ocean Road, especially driving back in the dark. But the scenery was beautiful and we never tire of heading down that way. There is always something different to see.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011


I am currently working on the "Weepers" at the Victorian State Rose Garden at Werribee Mansion. 2 pairs of socks and still can't feel my toes in my red gumboots. Beautiful weather this week especially since there has been very little breeze. At least we can rug up, it is horrible working in 30-40 degrees during summer as the roses need care all year round.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Blog Comments

I can't post a comment on my own blog, very annoying.


Carol, thank you for your comment on my Dear Hannah. Yes, I am still doing some textiles with my postcards, ATC's and journal covers. But I am desperately in need of some new ideas and stimulation. Textiles are a little difficult to take to Guild meetings as hand work. I seem to have headed back to the quilting. Perhaps it is the time of year, snuggle under a quilt whilst quilting it!!!

Vireya, How is you Mum? I have tried several times to post a comment to you, but no luck. Love reading your horticultural themed postings.

I enjoy reading everyone's blogs, you all do wonderful work.

Say hello to the kookaburras for me Paddy's Daughter.

UFO's and WIP's

From a fellow Quilter, a call out has been sent for 20cm x 20cm knitted squares for a fundraiser for her school. It took me several goes of casting on and unpicking to actually get my squares correct. Managed to get 4 squares knitted on my weekend drives.
Work in Progress, would like to have my Dear Hannah quilted and bound by October!!! Who am I kidding. All vertical rows and blocks are quilted. So I suppose I can say 2/3rds of it is done. Not too sure about the scalloped border, have never bound one before. Might take some guts to actually cut the shape.

In the process of appliqueing a Raffle quilt. I am doing the middle section. Many thanks to Esther Aliu for her wisdom and instructions on how to use the Floriani wash away product. Thank you Esther for replying to me as to where to purchase it.

Change of quilt hanging in the dining room. "Seasons" made in 2006. Made from scraps out of my stash. Still hasn't got a nametag on it. One day....

Queen's Birthday

John and I make it our business to head off for a drive/walk most Sundays, weather permitting. This weekend we drove to Maryborough Rail Station for lunch where we enjoyed a fabulous curried lamb and vegie soup with sourdough bread. The sun was beautiful after we drove via Ballarat's miserable morning of rain. After lunch headed off for a walk around Maldon.
Working in the rail industry, he was interested to see how the staion had come up after being restored.

At the station there is a gentleman who sells scarves from Turkey. He travels regularly there to bring them home. Couldn't resist buying a couple. I am not a purple person but liked this striped one and also picked up this lovely green one. $15 each.
I enjoyed a conversation with him re his travels to Turkey. We chatted about my Paternal Grandfather who was born in Lozingrad in Turkey. Found out that "grad" is Russian". He was very informative, could have talked to him all day.

Monday - After lunch walked the Yarra Trail at the Fairfield Boatshed. Not as sunny as the day before, though it was a nice afternoon, especially sitting by the Yarra with a hot cup of tea and scones.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Pleasant Sunday Afternoon

A walk around the Maribyrnong River Circuit.....
.....followed by scones at Poyntons Nursery Cafe