Wednesday, May 4, 2011


I am having a lot of problems opening several of the blogs on my list.

I have not been able to post comments on them either.

Each time I open one the blogs that I follow, the following message pops up.

"Internet explorer cannot open"

Operation aborted.

It is frustrating, this happened over night 2 weeks ago, nothing has changed on my computer or the way I do things.

The only thing that I have noticed is that a couple of them do not have their titles highlighted in a colour like the others. Also the spacings of my sentances are larger than usual.


If you hear a loud bang, it is only me throwing the computer out the window and it landing with a big thud.

Can someone help me please.....

Cheers Jenni


  1. The "operation aborted" error is most likely due to a script running on the page you are trying to open. If this is the cases there is nothing you can do about it - except maybe let the blog owner know that their blog has a problem in Internet Explorer.

    Are you using IE7? Because Microsoft claim they fixed this problem in IE8 - see here:
    (Well actually they didn't fix the problem, they just stopped this error being displayed).

  2. Another possible solution from the comments on this page:

    "In internet explorer Go to—>Tools–>Internet options—->Security tab—->Choose Custom level—>take scripting section then disable that active scripting apply this setting and restart the internet explorer……"

    I don't use IE, so I can't check that, but subsequent commenters said it worked for them.

  3. Thank you Vireya, we did as you suggested but unfortunately had to go back to original settings in tools. Couldn't open email and a couple of other things. I will have to just put up with the messages coming up and not check some of the blogs.
    Thanks again.

  4. Have you tried using a different browser. e.g. Mozilla firefox?