Monday, April 11, 2011

Busy weekend

Had a "fruitful" weekend. Decided it was time to pick this "Mother and her siblings", leaving the rest of her family, 4 huge pumpkins that were not ready to be picked.

We dried out the seeds on the kitchen windowsill and this is what became of them.

Saw on TV that it was time to tidy up the runners of the strawberries.

Trimmed and planted 9 small ones, will be interested to see if they grow.

Also planted approx 150 red and brown onion seedlings.

Finished off another lot of beanies for Jan Mac for the Homeless Connect Day.

Jan gave me a big bag of wool at the Scquilters Retreat. Hope to knit another 6 beanies out of it. Bought a little mini notebook on Saturday. Had to deal with one frustrated husband as I am hopeless when it comes to computers. I could say the same about him when it comes to sewing. The salesman wanted to sell us a cover, DH said, "My wife can make one". No comment. The downside to the whole weekend was sewing blocks to another row of a quilt I am making. As I was pressing, one of them scorched. I don't know how as all the others rows were fine. Just as well it was one of the plain blocks.

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  1. Hi Jenni,
    I forgot to arrange to meet you at AQC on Thurs. Can we meet at 1.45pm near the front desk? I forgot to confirm with you and to bring your email address with me.
    Hugs Jan Mac