Friday, April 15, 2011


The AQC is on again at the Exhibition Gardens in Carlton.

Beautiful old building surrounded by lovely gardens and next to the Melbourne Museum. Popped into a 30 minute talk on Jelly Roll Quilts. I have a couple of Bali Pops in my stash, still don't know what to do with them, but after the talk, bought a $20 pack of templates to start me off. My one and only purchase for the day. Except for.... the much needed cup of coffee.
I have become rather miserable in my old age when it comes to Quilting. After having done it for approx. 30 years, I no longer buy for the sake of buying. I seem to float through these shows in a daze and prefer to gaze at what is on display.

The most enjoyable part of my day was catching up with fellow quilters and friends.

Pam, Jan Mac, Cynthia,Vireya, Cecile, Jenni O, Joy, Lesley and Jeann C.

I was sorry to only have a very quick wave to Lisa W, she was flat out on her stall.

If the AQC is a meeting place for catching up, then I will look forward to it again next year.

The Quilt Exhibition was very good, some amazing quilts and volunteering for White Glove duty gives you that extra close up view on them. I enjoyed talking to strangers who have something in common.

And by the way.... King Tut is in town.

This was guarding the thoroughfare at Southern Cross Train Station.

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