Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Australia Day

We are a diverse country. I realised this today after having Sushi for lunch and for dinner tonight, ratoulie, couscous and a bbq'ed lamb chop with a glass of red.
My paternal Grandparents, Peta (Peter) Tomasov (Turkish) and Lucria Zanki (Croatian) were naturalised in 1924. They would only speak English to my father as they felt, they were Australian and therefore English would be the number one language in their home. They spoke Croatian to each other, only when my father was put to bed as a child.
My father never told his fellow workmates of his European background, as it was not the done thing in those days.
I am proud of my background and have always felt sad that I never got to meet my Grandparents as they passed away before I was born.
I have, as many of you also, been fortunate to travel the world. But as I fly into Melbourne after my travels, it is a wonderful feeling to be coming home.
What a wonderful country we live in.
I have to admit, hearing "Advance Australia Fair", "We Call Australia Home" and "Waltzing Matilda" does bring a tear.
I see the Flying Kangaroo of Qantas, our beautiful beaches, our clear blue sky and the amazing work our communities do, to rally around helping out others when in need, and I can say, I am proud to be Australian.

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