Tuesday, November 9, 2010

I'm Home.

Friday, I ran as the doors opened at 10am to put my name in the barrel for the 10.30am class of the Make It University to make a necklace using sari threads, silk ribbon and cocoons. 25 names are drawn and you have to be at the site to go into the class. I was chosen and enjoyed the one hour workshop. After, sat in the park for a change of scenery and enjoyed a coffee and a turkey wrap. Mind you, I'm sure the whole turkey was in it, counted 12 slices in all.
Saturday was spent in a class all day with Traci Baurista. We painted and stencilled fabric and paper that will become a scrapbook for Houston Memories. Thoroughly enjoyed her class. It was small with only 7 in it, Marcelle from Sydney was also doing it. Met a lovely girl from Greymouth, NZ and caught up with her Sunday morning in the park across the road from the Hotel.
Also caught up with Cynthia from Canada again and we also sat and enjoyed the sunshine. I'm sorry I didn't get to swap email addresses. The thing that is so fantastic is that, no matter where someone is from, they always stop to talk. I have met some wonderful quilters from all over the world.

Saturday, during the 2 hour lunch break, did some more of the Quilt Exhibition and a few last minute purchases from the floor. Quick dash to Macy's was also on the agenda. I bought some fab stuff, fabric, patterns, gadgets, but the weirdest of all was a Tequila lolly pop with a worm in it for DD.

I swapped my 5 ATC's on the Make it, Take Wall of the Quilting Arts booth and have already received 3 emails from those who decided to take my cards.

Saturday night was Gala on the Green, not so green as it was moved into the Ballroom due to the weather. The night was clear with a slight breeze, but the organisers felt that it was "inclement". Lots of dancing, drinking and catching up with the Aussies to say goodbye. Sue, Jan, Julie and Robyn and I ended up sitting outside chatting. Lots of photos were taken.
Sunday morning, finished packing, checked out and we headed for the airport. Houston - LA - Auckland - Melbourne.

Arrived home today at lunchtime after the most fantastic time in Houston. Sue and I had a ball and I am so glad we went together. She was a great travelling companion. Sadly we got separated at Melbourne airport coming out of arrivals, I waited, but couldn't see her. I can also proudly say that I didn't get her lost the whole time we were away.
As we flew into Melbourne, it was great to see blue sky, green pastures, water in the reservoirs and most of all Melbourne.
Like they say "it's great to go on holiday, but it's nice to come home".


  1. Welcome home, and thanks for the reports!

  2. It's always good to make it back home, particularly with all your luggage & engines intack! Houston served up a great time as always. Enjoyed reading your posts... you super organised woman you!