Thursday, November 4, 2010


From backing out the driveway to arriving at reception of the hotel, was 27 hours. Unfortunately they had overbooked rooms and we along with 30 other quilters were sent to another hotel for the night. NOT HAPPY... but in the end we came out of it on top. Free room for the night, 1/2 price for the 2nd night when we arrived back at our original hotel booking, free breakfast for our stay and complimentary wine, chocolates, cheese/fruit platter and a letter each of apology from the manager.

As DH said, "don't complain, you have saved a couple of hundred dollars and that is spending money". Sunday was a quiet day acclimatising to the 91 degree heat and 80% humidity.
Monday morning, recovered and added to the US economy with a visit to Macy's. Massive savings on top of out 10% visitors discount card.

Monday night met up with Jan Mac, Helen Evans and Julie Robinson for drinks and dinner at the Hyatt. I think Jan should be packaged as a diet supplement. They say that laughing uses up calories and hopefully I will come home slimmer.
Cosmopolitans, champagne and Baileys on Ice, not in the same glass, got us going. Our drinks waiter was called Chuck and we had great delight in telling him that Chuck in Australia has 2 meanings, CHARLES and VOMIT.

We left the bar superstars as the Texans love our giggling and the sound of our accents.
To be continued.......

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