Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Houston Class

Class: The Patchwork Quilt Sketchbook
Traci Baurista.
I wasn't really sure what this class was going to be, the description was intriguing.
We were asked to bring 1/2 yard of quilters muslin, rubber brushes, a rubber brayer, scraps of fabric, textas, sheets of paper and imagination.
We spray painted our fabric which was then overlayed with stencils.
Now I get the picture!!!
Plastic kitchen strainers were cut into circles for stencils. Numbers and letters were made.
Rubber stencils of leaves were used.
We spent the morning working on the fabric and also painted and stencilled scraps of paper that we were asked to bring.
The afternoon was spent cutting up our sheets of paper, painted muslin and stitching it altogether to make a cover for a sketchbook.

I enjoyed the class, as you didn't have to think about it. It was very relaxing.
I will finish it, now that I know the principals of making the cover.

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