Saturday, November 6, 2010

Houston 5

THAT IS IT....... I have done the show floor 3 times. I have this afternoon free so will spend it walking the quilt exhibition. I am hanging out for a lamb chop and some mint sauce but most of all , I want vegies, lots of them. Think I might head over to the Houston Centre for a subway loaded with fresh vegies.

I have started packing, haven't bought a lot for myself, seems my quilt shopping has been for others. Never mind, will come home with lots of cash. But will have to wait for the $ to drop. Good excuse to come back again in a couple of years. Have spoken with lots of people about Paducah, think that will be next on the list.

Quilt wise, there doesn't seem to be any new bits and pieces out. A lot of Batiks and the return of the Baltimore quilts are around. Textile are also the big thing at the moment here, especially with the Quilting Arts booth. Pokey Bolton wears the most amazing high heeled shoes.
She told us that her middle name is Pocahontas, and that is why she is called Pokey. She has a Graffitti Wall at her Make it University Stand and if you do one of her workshops you can sign her wall. I signed with some gum leaves and blossom.

The sunshine is beckoning outside, might go and sit in the park with some lunch. Hope I am not boring anyone with this episode of blog. Will add photos when I get home.


  1. I've loved reading your reports! Sounds like you are having a fantastic time. Looking forward to seeing the photos.

    Thanks for explaining Pokey's name, I had wondered what sort of parent would call someone that.

  2. Not at all boring. Hanging out for the next episode

  3. You are certainly packing a lot into each day Jenni. Really enjoyed the read, glad you are able to avoid the humidity, my most unfavourite thing.

  4. i see we are all enjoying your blog, Jenni. anyhow, it is for you to write whatever you like, and the reader to take it or leave it! look forward to the next one.