Saturday, November 6, 2010

Houston 4

Another day down. Finally sleeping through the night.
Last night attended the Quiltalapooza which is a fundraiser evening run by Pokey Bolton (Quilting Arts Magazine), Ricky Timms and Ammi Simms.
Great night of laughter. Jan, Julie and I sat with Susan DeVanny from Melbourne. We had to wear a handmade nametag. I made one with gum leaves, gum blossom and a Kangaroo pin - I won the section for the quilter that had hopped the furthest to Houston. On the stage the prizes were rolls of batting!!! Oh Oh I thought, how on earth do I get one of those rolls home on the plane. They gave me a small roll that has fitted into my case. 50" x 60", all rolled up with the air sucked out.

This morning I am hoping to get into the Make it University workshop with Pokey to make a fibre fabric necklace.

The weather is great, about 73 degrees. There was a competition on line to workout how many steps are taken on the floor of the booths. Anything for free so I decided to give it a go. Gave up after I realised I needed a calculator. One isle took 1060 steps. Now, that was covering both sides of the isle and 10 steps for the ends of the isles and 20 steps for the cross isles. 20 isles all up, you can work it out and do the maths, and that will tell you how big this place is. And that is not counting the area of all the quilts on display.
to be continue.......

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  1. When I saw the little Aussie badge with jenni on wondered if it was yours congratulations on your win. Can't remember where I saw it though.
    Can't believe it's almost time for you to go home