Friday, November 5, 2010

Houston 3

While Sue had a Nana nap with her feet up, I took the tunnel to the Houston Visitors Centre. DH needed a new NASA mug, and they threw in a Space Shuttle pen for him. Rather cute with the Shuttle on top of the pen about to be launched. The Discovery was supposed to launch on Tuesday from Orlando but due to an electrical problem has been delayed til Friday (tomorrow).

I must have a trait of my Dad in me, once I have been somewhere I always know how to and where to go again. This happened with the underground tunnel. There a very few people on the streets in Houston, everything is connected with tunnels because of the heat.

Got to the Houston Centre, went down the escalator and followed my nose and instinct. Next thing I knew I was there. Then turned around and came back. I think I was on automatic pilot.

The weather is a lot cooler today. The rain has stopped and it is supposed to be 73 degrees. I also bought a small quilt from the Alzheimer's stand in memory of Mum. The little quilt was "dedicated to all carers". I have a free day tomorrow so will look at all the quilts. This afternoon I have Mixed Media Miscellany.

This is for 2 hours where we enter the ballroom, and there are 20 teachers around the room demonstrating their textile techniques. Will probably catch Linda Steel and Cecile Whattman there as well.
to be continued.......

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