Monday, November 15, 2010

Alzheimers Art Quilt Initiative (AAQI)

AAQI at Houston were selling small quilts to raise money for research.
I saw this one and and bought it in memory of my Mum.
It is made by Mary Andrews, Grand Blanc, MI, USA.
"Iguana Spikes"
Quilt No 5802
8" x 11"
Materials/Techniques: Hand dyed fabric and yarn, machine and hand quilted.
Dedication: To all the caretakers.
Seeing it on the wall, I didn't know it's title. What I saw in the quilt was green earth and blue sky with brown, withered and dying leaves growing from the earth.
I felt that this was like Mum, she was such an active woman in her life and she eventually withered and died. Mum also had a passion for gardening.
Mum passed away in October 2009 from Dementia Pre Alzheimers.
I contacted the AAQI hoping to get Mary's email address to write and thank her. Ami Simms contacted me and I found out that Mary was her close friend. Mary and I have since contacted each other.
I told her my theory of the quilt before I had realised what she had called it, and she is happy to go with that.

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